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This is Darren Parker.

Darren Parker is getting married at the end of the month so we thought we’d drink, set fire to stuff and have an all-round good time.

We also went out on the river in boats.

This wasn’t the quickest way to get a BBQ going.

Holding hands helped.

This is a picture of Gommie in grey

Pipe pulled out all the stops

Bulking up…

Acting up

Sweet night, well done lads 🙂

Oxford New Park.

So Oxford has been with out a decent skate park for a number of years now. Since most of the old OWP park on meadow lane got pulled down due to rot oxford has been lacking in a good solid place we could be happy riding for a significant length of time. But since then, funds have been raised, plans have been made, and in the last couple of months, concrete has been layed on the site of the old OWP skatpark spot. And It doesnt look half bad either! Big thanks to everyone to do with the Oxford wheels project for their hard work!

Here is a photo from a while ago from one of the old OWP jams at the old park.


mobile update #NASS #Boardmasters


Pics from Empire of Dirt.

Long over due Pictures from the Empire of dirt weekend.

Max wood #famousbiker

Good veiw of the shard from up here..

Met up with goth luke and that in town for a drink or 2..


Another good blog..

Stoked to see this guy!
< Sunday night after party at alley palley.

Found this guy pestering people in the toilets..

Dj showing Mitch where he should be standing..

Bus back to hotel lobby. yooooooo

Longman out driving

A little trip up to the highlands

Winter clips.

Out in the animal kingdom

A cheeky little skateboarding shot with lil Jas


Sausage fest

Not a bad kingdom full of animals

Pumping it hard

Revel at work


Down the ramps

An hour long evening session at Iffley

Tinhead table

Dancing shoes, dancing feet

Pollux  ‘table’  Troy


Over pedal