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Spare clips

Just sorting threw the camera, put all the spare clips into a video.

Aidan on Deluxe.

Well i guess Marks been hooking Aidan up pretty much since deluxe started. Now with Mulville leaving the team has left a space for aidan. Here are some clips of Aidan from the summer.

been hanging with this guy a bit. he robs shit

pipe “spare clips”

chaz’s update

Just a selection of photo’s from the past couple of weeks.

Worzel Gummidge on Strongbow

Wookey’s new 50’s slick back haircut he’s rocking, it’s pretty sweet

Just a snippet of the people we party in the karaoke bar with

One of the happiest moments of Worzel’s life

Oliver and I have been working on some new woods, hopefully we’ll have something fun come summer time

Rumors of Aidan being on Deluxe made it snow again.

Was Lima’s Birthday at the weekend, so went out to celebrate and play sports.


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Whilst browsing Flickr, I found these couple of photo’s of street assasin Kenny G riding a jump with a crazy landing. He’s probably thinking about fixing an aeroplane’s oils filter, how happy he is to be a vegetarian, or maybe world star hip hop at this point. Chaz

kenny g tbog

kenny g