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austin vid

this pretty much captures everyday at eastside. kinda



Well, they’ve been in the making for quite a while now, but we finally got shit done.

First batch of shirts!

Click click camera broke coz i dropped it out of a tree. here is last saturday in video.

Starting to get very dusty down the woods.

Bobby H broke his finger sking recently.

Chaz aka Skates

Chaz had to sell his bike coz his dads chips were too expensive. now rev gave him a board to keep him fit. (coz hes started to get fat with all them chips)

chaz’s update

Last night I went to a gig with my buddy Steve in Southampton. Afterwards, we wanted a Subway, which was closed, so we went dumpster diving at the Co-op. We found a sick flatscreen tv, so took that on the train with us back to Btown. Fell asleep and overshot the station, ended up being woken by the conductor in Poole and had to get a £15 taxi back home. After all that, we left the flatscreen on the train.

Here’s a photo Joe took today.

Spring is here..

Well the trails hve been running a while now, everything getting dialed in for summer. Should be a good one..

Found a lake near the trails. Gunna make a rope swing on saturday.

Back to bussiness..

Final days in Austin.

why does english weather suck so muchhhh..