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summer has startedddd!

So yeah, 2 days ago the British summer officially started. The trails have been riding in real well, and shits getting done!

Team Verde came down for a session the other night, as part of there UK road trip.

Steve (aka longman) got back from his travels round the land of Oz the other day.

filmed this the otherday with lima. see you at nass.

Lima NASS from on Vimeo.

This week is all about Tattoos and wacker plates.

Trails been getting dialed in lately. More shits running. Next week will be sick. (as long as the rain holds off)

Been hanging out at an abandened jewish school a bit.

Chris Holmes – The Pool Interview (W.A.S.P.)

More metal I guess if this rain keeps up!


Been doing all sorts of Robocop impressions recently

Couch also has been sending it on a chick called murphy which made us even more stoked

Well, Bank holiday weekend over with. Spent most the time dialing the trails in and going out. Oh yea, we went to Woodyard to ride and hang out. Gooooooood times.

The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years

Tinhead here, I have been granted access to the mainframe of the BMX kingdom. So you boodsuckers, you fiends, you creatures of the night………Everybody should watch this its very disturbing but very funny.