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pretty good video of chaz moaning about his job

Been having some pretty sick sessions down the woods latey. Shit slowing starting to get dialed.

Max repping LITW

Potozny bros poped down for ride during the week.

Went out for Tinheds birthday..

more random 09 clips.

just been emptying all the shit off my camera from last year ready to get shit done. nothing really gets deleted off my camera, and it gets into alot of peoples hands.

Pipe Vs The City Of Oxford

Mr. Lawrence Williams of Black Berry Cottage, West Cot, was arrested on the 9th May for his suspected part in defacing public property.

Mr. Williams was arrested at his home late Sunday Morning, where police officers found paint spattered clothes, spray cans and graffiti paraphernalia.

Mr. Williams has admitted to the crime of defacing public property, the defendant confessed the crime was meant as a publicity stunt to promote his media website, Lights in the Woods.

The graffiti which was painted on Oxfordshire’s Cowley road, on the broadside of popular chicken restaurant Nando’s early Sunday morning. The graffiti depicted a headless horseman riding beneath the L.I.T.W banner.

With a previous caution by police for a similar offence, early in 2008, the recommended sentence was that Mr. Williams pay £5000 in criminal damages and serve 100 hours of community service. Mr. Williams escaped a custodial sentence because of his work with The Home Farm Trust, a national based charity that supports people with learning disabilities. The defence asked for a lenient sentence because of Mr. Williams’s involvement with charity projects and felt that he could do more good serving the community than serving a prison sentence.


lima here

matt priest is on the current cover of ride riding the best trails in texas.
there’s pretty much only one reason hes on the cover and its due to wearing a
segment/lightsinthewoods tee. So if you wanna be on the next cover of ride, you know what
to do

A few pics from the ride to glory after party.


i’ve been on ride2glory all week. been sweet.
relentless bought us all a flip cam to film some stuff on.
not sure if i’m allowed to post the hammer from the trip but i don’t think Matty Lambert
will be too pissed

Well, a bit of recent rain has helped things along abit. Team Profile were on ride to glory and poped down on thursday for a bit of a session.

We need more rain.