Pipe and the Bowl

Pipe and I went over to ride Newbury, Pipe loves bowls

He tried to get out


Newbury is fun, takes some adjustment to ride at half 8 in the morning though


One Response to “Pipe and the Bowl”

  1. Vilakone Says:

    Dear Old Fart What a silly lot of moaning minenis we have in Slagheap and they call themselves country lovers . I tell you if they were true country lovers they wouldnt have given the council such a lot of grief when we shut TeeBee Lane to protect that lovely family of badgers. I mean are we all so old and out of touch with nature that we cant appreciate how important mating is . Badgers have badger rights under EU law and as such are entitled to undesturbed nooky at least 4 times a year and it was for this reason that the road was closed . And yet here we are showing total disregard of the needs and the rights of these poor animals so that a load of imigrant townies can rush around in their 4x4s claiming that their needs are somehow more important than that of the badgers .Through your blog Old Fart I hope to encourage our local residents to be more understanding of the needs of the local wildlife .. after all if they dont like it here they can move back to the town . The poor badgers are stuck here Councellor Hormigon Blight( Leader Slagheap Parish Council and President of the UN Committee on Badger Preservation))