lone pine the gold mine

This update is brought to you with the intention of introducing the world to Gary Dimartine aka the Lone Pine aka Gary the goldmine. Gary is a nomad who hails originally from New Jersey, and currently rips everything and everywhere in sight. Every utterance to leave the goldmine’s mouth is sure to have you entertained, laughing and stoked on life. I lent the dude my bike for the day, and it came home with it’s first roof drop under it’s belt, having also narrowly avoided ramping over someone’s car. He may also have one of the most awesome and infectious laughs ever. Here are a selection of wise words, which I have heard leave Gary’s train of thought into the world for all to enjoy…

– I’m harder than I’ve been in a while right now
– I wish we’d done something cool to be in here, like k****d a cop
– There is no past meatball sub’s; there’s meatball sub’s, and then just a drop off point man
– He’s cooking dinner with a chick? Call him a fucking fag from me man
– I gota go by my chicks house to get my allowance
– I don’t even like cigarette’s, I just like smoking. If I could smoke weed all day every day I would
– Anyone wanna buy a copy of banned 4 life or trade for a sack of weed

We love you the Gold Mine!

Catty woods Lone Pine

Haloween Lone Pine and I

Roof drop on my bike!

Classic Gary D action

One Response to “lone pine the gold mine”

  1. Chronic Says:

    I miss you so much little cuz..