Amongst haloween

So everyone’s at Doyle’s wedding right now, and I got me a six pack for some solo pre gaming. Here’s some photo’s from last night’s pre gaming for Get Weird, a monthly night our good friend Devin Carroll runs. It’s the best night in town, and if you miss it you lose out on a really really awesome time, guaranteed. I’ll post some of the shots from the actual party in a couple of days time. It got wild to say some. Popple and Katy accommodated us for some drinks, and as always it was rad. If you ever meet this incredible couple, get a round of vodka’s in, kiss them and brace yourself – it’s guna be fun as hell. – Chaz –

Potoz Mr Rogers

Yeagle & Mark

Major tall Tom & Ryan Bowie

Pop pop & a hairy Japanese geisha

Sweet crowd

Bobby fucking Valentine! Say no more

Damn I wish you could see Mason properly. Dressed as a bumblebee. He made the costume himself too, incredible dog

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