Chaz aka Skates

Chaz had to sell his bike coz his dads chips were too expensive. now rev gave him a board to keep him fit. (coz hes started to get fat with all them chips)

11 Responses to “Chaz aka Skates”

  1. local Says:

    that park smells!

  2. Revell AKA Real Skates Says:

    Don’t give up the day job Chaz.

  3. Chaz Says:

    Thanks a bunch Rev!

  4. daz Says:

    fucking comedy.

  5. joe Says:

    I saw this and thought, wow that pro skater looks alot like chaz, he even is called chaz…

  6. Revell Says:

    No Chaz you don’t understand, I was being deadly serious. DO NOT GIVE UP THE DAY JOB! Otherwise Your Dads Chippy will go bust!

  7. Poll Says:

    You make it look so easy.

  8. lima Says:

    nice shoes.

  9. Aidan and Jennifer Says:

    Jennifer wasnn’t even impressed and she’s impressed by most things. i blame bad camera angles chaz. x

  10. Chaz Says:

    Just wait for edit 2.0 to drop…

  11. Jibbles Says:

    Not bad for your first time. oh wait…