pipe takes it alot

10 Responses to “pipe takes it alot”

  1. Josh Says:

    he might not like this vid, but it motivates me… i always crash. i guess i always see the pros not crash so i assume that i shouldnt either but… this is a good video. Thanks for the keepin on keepin on! Pipe and Liam are my favorite!

  2. prettyshady dot com » Blog Archive » pipe litw’s Says:

    […] https://www.lightsinthewoods.com/2009/11/pipe-takes-it-alot/ – yeah pipe! […]

  3. daz Says:

    best LITW yet maybe????

  4. Lights in the Woods Says:

    pipe said last week he had only crashed 3 times! – lima

  5. Lights in the Woods Says:

    – only crashed 3 spins. those ones on the video didnt count, i didnt crash, just missed the lip. This might be a lie… – pipe.

  6. Pete Says:


  7. jingles Says:

    pipe tries x10 harder than anyone, shit is rad

  8. Rob Says:

    Good vid! Pipe is radddd

  9. Rob Says:

    Good vid! Pipe is radddd

  10. warbird Says:

    haha pipes sweet, the hop over that barrier thing looks tricky